Manila Ice Hockey LeagueManila Ice Hockey League

  Leaders :   MIHL 2016-17 Regular Season
Point Leaders
Player Team Points
Tyler Staton Griffins 81
Daniel Brodan Omni 69
Carl Montano Sharps 62
Jorell Crisostomo Sharps 55
Dongho Youn Omni 49
Steven Fuglister Griffins 47
Ryan Charland Cricket Lighters 46
Antton Nordberg Cricket Lighters 44
Naoki Tamura Griffins 43
Jan Aro Regencia Griffins 38
Paul Sanchez Cricket Lighters 36
Miguel Relampagos Sharps 35
Carlo Angelo Tigaronita Griffins 32
Ryan Lane-Day Omni 30
Carlo Tenedero Omni 30
Goal Leaders
Player Team Goals
Carl Montano Sharps 41
Tyler Staton Griffins 35
Daniel Brodan Omni 31
Jorell Crisostomo Sharps 27
Naoki Tamura Griffins 27
Ryan Charland Cricket Lighters 26
Dongho Youn Omni 24
Ryan Lane-Day Omni 21
Antton Nordberg Cricket Lighters 19
Jamie Booth Cricket Lighters 18
Steven Fuglister Griffins 18
Miguel Relampagos Sharps 18
Paul Sanchez Cricket Lighters 17
Carlo Angelo Tigaronita Griffins 16
Chris Adams Omni 14

Assist Leaders
Player Team Assists
Tyler Staton Griffins 46
Daniel Brodan Omni 38
Steven Fuglister Griffins 29
Jorell Crisostomo Sharps 28
Antton Nordberg Cricket Lighters 25
Jan Aro Regencia Griffins 25
Dongho Youn Omni 25
Carl Montano Sharps 21
Ryan Charland Cricket Lighters 20
Paul Sanchez Cricket Lighters 19
Carlo Tenedero Omni 18
Miguel Relampagos Sharps 17
Naoki Tamura Griffins 16
Carlo Angelo Tigaronita Griffins 16
Adam Richter Omni 14
Penalty Minute Leaders
Player Team PIMS
Adam Richter Omni 56
Antton Nordberg Cricket Lighters 26
Zoltan Kosa Griffins 24
Julius Santiago Sharps 16
Dongho Youn Omni 12
Chris Adams Omni 10
Serge Bisson Cricket Lighters 10
Daniel Brodan Omni 10
Ryan Charland Cricket Lighters 10
Timo Koponen Omni 10
David Samson Cricket Lighters 10
Julian Santiago Sharps 10
Jamie Booth Cricket Lighters 8
Ben Pluta-Reedy Cricket Lighters 8
Jan Aro Regencia Griffins 8

GAA Leaders
Player Team GAA
Geoffrey Cahen Cricket Lighters 3.00
David Evjen Cricket Lighters 4.50
Gianpietro Iseppi Omni 4.71
Timothy Llanillo Omni 5.16
Irell Perez Cricket Lighters 5.18
Paolo Spafford Sharps 6.72
Keith Basso Cricket Lighters 7.00
David Evjen Griffins 7.21
Camile Pastrana Griffins 7.43
Save Percentage Leaders
Player Team Save %
David Evjen Griffins 0.373
Irell Perez Cricket Lighters 0.066
Keith Basso Cricket Lighters 0
Geoffrey Cahen Cricket Lighters 0
David Evjen Cricket Lighters 0
Gianpietro Iseppi Omni -0.158
Eadrea Ham Sharps -0.182
Paolo Spafford Sharps -0.198
Timothy Llanillo Omni -0.964

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